Sunday, 18 April 2010

San Francisco

Ok well you no i said i had an idea for my next post, well this is it right now :D Soooo it's not a very exciting idea, but i thought it would be a change to previous posts. Basically i was just going to blog about the 4 different places i would love to visit in America. So from the title you might have guessed the first place is San Francisco :) I have to admit i know nothing about the place except it's very hilly and has trams. I also have to admit the Tropicana advert inspired me to do this, it's extremely cheesy, but i can't help but fall in love with it aha. What places would you like to visit? Lots of love :) xxxx PHOENIX- LISZTOMANIA


  1. san fran is so amazing. iwent a few years ago and it totally lived up to the hype. i was young then so i didn't get to try out the night life , i dead want to go back.
    i also love monterey. most beautiful place i've ever seen.
    possibly la, new york &all the cliche places.

    your blog is cute

  2. Ahhh i no it looks so amazing :) yeah i was thinking about New York and Brooklyn and Portland. Monterey looks amazing :O haha

    thank you xxxx


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