Sunday, 20 December 2009


this was like the snow on the feilds our Christmas party :) yeah :D wherever this is take me there. THE HORRORS!!! Ok well the last couple of days have been really good. Friday was one of the best days in along time. firstly it SNOWED!!!! i love the snow so much especially when it's fresh, it's like fairy dust. me bridie and Meg met at Bridies house at 8.30am yes i know very early but it get all sloshy if you go out to late. anyway the sky was so beautiful at this time, it was a mix of purple pink and white. then we went up to the school fields and ran down and made snow angels. after that did about 2 hours of sledging. the day was altogether very christmasy. later that day we went to a gig to see the horrors, it was really good but soooo hot from all the crazy dancing.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


i can't wait for Christmas im so excited. i love Christmas mourning when you go downstairs and your stocking is bulging and the tree is surrounded by presents. :D