Thursday, 29 April 2010

Part 2 Brooklyn

This post is probably weeks overdue but i haven't really had the time, especially this weekend as i was so busy. So this weekend i went to a vintage fashion fair and bought the most beautiful blouse and these funny little moccasin boots ( post later) I might aswell just get on with the post as i have nothing constructive to say. I desperately want to got to Brooklyn there i said it :D i guess my love of it is partly to do with all the great bands that some from their. To name a few Animal collective,boy crisis, chairlift, Vivian girls, yeasayer, MGMT,grizzly bear and LCD soundsystem. LOTS OF LOVE THE XX- HEART SKIPPED A BEAT XXXX

Friday, 23 April 2010

I wish the fricken awesome things you say where not just quotes from meangirls !

So i guess i haven't really posted for a while :( so i thought i could post quotes from films and little sentences that may have no meaning whatsoever, but just sound and look really amazing. Oh and part 2 of places to visit in the USA is coming very soon;) did i mention it's FRIDAYYYYYYYYY !!!! lots of love hope you all have a great weekend :) CAMERA OBSCURE-AWAY WITH MURDER xxxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Lets just take a minute out of our evenings to celebrate the fact i can now do this :D can i just say YEAH BOI !!!! YEAH BOI !!!! YEAH BOI !!!! YEAH BOI !!!! Lots of love xxxx THE AVETT BROTHERS- MURDER IN THE CITY

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sleeping on a rainy afternoon, in the summer time,

Just some videos to compliment this dreamy Sunday. Lots of love :) xxxx GRIZZLY BEAR -TWO WEEKS

San Francisco

Ok well you no i said i had an idea for my next post, well this is it right now :D Soooo it's not a very exciting idea, but i thought it would be a change to previous posts. Basically i was just going to blog about the 4 different places i would love to visit in America. So from the title you might have guessed the first place is San Francisco :) I have to admit i know nothing about the place except it's very hilly and has trams. I also have to admit the Tropicana advert inspired me to do this, it's extremely cheesy, but i can't help but fall in love with it aha. What places would you like to visit? Lots of love :) xxxx PHOENIX- LISZTOMANIA

Friday, 16 April 2010

bed space

So i guess that the last posts have been a bit random, so now im just going to bombard you with a heap of photos from my so called inspiration folder (downloads) from my computer. Im very sorry i have no links to the photographers or the owner of the pictures but you are free to leave a link in the comments box or something like that :) I have an idea for my next post and the few others following ;) so keep posted. lots of love :) xxxx DARWIN -BED SPACE

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

jump for fun

Today is going to be a very significant day, because it's my first swim in 2010, in the sea that is :D im excited but very apprehensive at the same time, i mean it's going to be bloody freezing i no that much. Today i thought i might just post pictures of bouncy castles and water parks just to show you how mature i am :/ trust me you will want to bounce and swim for the rest of the day haha. p.s I assure you there will be a more normal post next time :D lots of love xxxx SUMMER CAMP-GHOST TRAIN

Monday, 12 April 2010

Honey im home!

Im back :) Im back :)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

blow his mind out, use a rubber

Going away to the countryside tomorrow, i hope the weather is going to be nice otherwise all these pre sunny days have been secretly leading me on. 5 FILMS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (FOR THE DURATION OF THE FILM) 1.Girl interrupted-i seriously enjoyed this film i would watch it everyday if i could. This is my number one recommendation. If you like this(dazed and confused,juno and the bell jar). 2.Kill bill- I just recently watched this and really liked it , it's very violent and gruesome but that's the great thing about the film , watching Uma therman kick ass. Well it's not the best thing but made me want to be a crazy ninja warrior. If you like this( pulp,fiction,the lady gaga&beyonce telephone video and natural born killers). 3.Juno- I guess Juno is already on it's way to becoming a classic, but if you haven't watched it yet i advise you to, purely because it's really witty but it's also very sweet. if you like this (superbad, Napoleon dynamite and rocket science). 4.Shark Vs Eagle- I would just say watch the trailer then see for your self :) if you like this ( flight of the conchords, the science of sleep and Lars and the real girl) 5.Big fish- This still remains favourite films. Its very magical and uplifting. if you like this ( Charlie and the chocolate factory and bubble boy). lots of love xxxx THE XX - STARS

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Nofink much

ALL THESE ITEMS WILL ONE DAY END UP IN MY WARDROBE VERY UNEXPECTEDLY ;) ACNE WEDGES- The swedes make such great clothes, it's crazy DUNGAREES FROM ROKIT - A tad bit Texan farmer, but add a pretty little shirt,ankle sock and dr martens then you will look like an Alexa Chung clone if that's what you want? :L URBAN OUTFITTERS DRESS- Ahh i love this :) SHEEPSKIN JACKET WTF?- how i do love a sheepskin jacket, well actually i do over a long floaty dress. PIXIE MARKET DRESS- it's actually sold out on the website, but it was like £200 something :/ FLORAL DR MARTENS- not much explanation needed. lots of love xxxx DARWIN DEEZ-BAD DAY