Monday, 5 April 2010


Hellooo my lovely 12 followers ;) i no people have hundreds but im happy with my twelve :)im sorry but im in no mood to write anything so i will just leave you with a some pictures and a bit of text ;) im so lazy. Oh before i forget i have just had my room painted white, sounds very average and boring but did i tell my walls used to be bright orange :/ it wasn't a good look. anyway im completely transforming my room most things are going to change, im hoping for a old fashioned Paris apartment look, but im doubtful :( i will show you a picture of it when im done:D Things i love/or am slightly envious of :D HIPPIES: 1. people say i look like one 2.they dress great 3.they listen to great music LAKES: 1. abroad they are nice and warm 2.they don't have killer sharks hurray :L 3.they are stunningly beautiful GINGERS 1.picked on for having ginger hair don't be gingerist haha(added to dictionary) 2.they have the most beautiful hair colour ever 3. usually they have freckles and that just makes them extra great ;) long post in the end going to watch extras and eat mini eggs :D lots of love xxxx PJ HARVEY -BIG EXIT

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  1. Beautiful post :) I love ginger hair too, I have long dark auburn hair and most people like it, but even I get a few little jokes sometimes haha. Oh and I can't wait to see your room, I'm sure it'll look great
    xx. Peach Princess ♥


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