Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Nofink much

ALL THESE ITEMS WILL ONE DAY END UP IN MY WARDROBE VERY UNEXPECTEDLY ;) ACNE WEDGES- The swedes make such great clothes, it's crazy DUNGAREES FROM ROKIT - A tad bit Texan farmer, but add a pretty little shirt,ankle sock and dr martens then you will look like an Alexa Chung clone if that's what you want? :L URBAN OUTFITTERS DRESS- Ahh i love this :) SHEEPSKIN JACKET WTF?- how i do love a sheepskin jacket, well actually i do over a long floaty dress. PIXIE MARKET DRESS- it's actually sold out on the website, but it was like £200 something :/ FLORAL DR MARTENS- not much explanation needed. lots of love xxxx DARWIN DEEZ-BAD DAY


  1. omg! me too. I'm soo in love with the atacoma's and I could just kill for these shoes! I mean not really but.. you know! by the way, the urban outfitters dress is so cute <3 i really love your blog, so nice! Check out my log if you want to, www.myvoicesophie.blogspot.com

    xoxo Sophie

  2. I mean check out my *blog..

  3. Aww thank you :) i will defiantly take a look <3

  4. that jacket is just... amazing. x

  5. hi, thanks for your comment :) haha and yes i'm already a model!
    and i like your blog a lot!! inspirational pic's xx

  6. LOVE the UO dress so much!


  7. I'm in love with the Atacomas, and the floral Dr. Martens. You can never get too many shoes!
    I like your blog a lot!




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