Tuesday, 25 January 2011


If you have had the chance to see the film Somewhere then this site will be a pure delight like it is to me. http://www.scsomewhere.com/ but of course if you haven't seen it it's still lovely. Sofia Coppola is my favourite film director but I was ever so slightly disappointed with this film , it just didn't live up to her other films. I would defiantly watch this again because of the way it's shot and I think it's a sweet film as well as many other things. I would urge you to watch it if you're a Sofia fan.

Lots of love 



  1. you've made me so excited for this film. elle fanning is going to be brilliant.


  2. OMG the film hasnt come out in my country yet, its so dissapointing. I mean, she is one of my favourite movie makers and im dying to watch this one! Even if it sucks compared to the others as you said haha :)

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