Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Sorry I have been such a bad blogger at the moment I haven't had a camera or anything really :( I got my new Blackberry yay :) but I need a media card so I can take pictures , I will get one soon. Oh yeah it's half term <3<3<3<3 I am so happy there is no school for a week and I get to lie in for once :) On Sunday I went to a vintage fashion fair called Frock me and bought some Chelsea boots , suede skirt and an amazing rucksack( sounds awful) but it's really very niceee ;) After that my friend came round for Sunday lunch and she slept over it was funny hehe. The next day we went for a bike ride along the beach and got ice-creams and stuff<3 Today I am doing attempting some revision/homework but am actually just sitting in my bed catching up on ANTM :Dhaha.

Fallulah - use it for good 

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