Wednesday, 3 March 2010

those dancing days

Once again a lazy post . I'm very sorry ,but with all the school work and exams it's been very hard to fit anything in :s. Anyway ,i have been obsessively listening to those dancing days, they are Swedish ;) and are really cute and make sweet little songs :). I don't no weather they are cool or are not but i don't really mind because i like them and they have made some great songs, that's good enough for me HAHA. How has your week been? lots of love xxxx those dancing days :D


  1. You really should link back to the original photographers. I know one of the girls who took one of those pictures.

  2. I no i really should :S, but these where just saved on my computer and i can't remember where i go them from plus i am not really sure how to link them :/. But in future i will try.

  3. cool pictures!
    amelia x


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