Sunday, 3 January 2010

gus van sant

picture from paranoid park, the cast where where way good looking ;) lately i watched paranoid park a film directed by gus van sant. all the films above are also directed by him. i particularly like the way he gives the roles to teenagers who have had no acting career whatsoever, or very experienced actor's. paranoid park was a really good film, it is quite confusing at first if you don't no any background of the film, but then slowly reveals itself nearer the end. the only other film of his that i have seen was called elephant. i was about 10 when i watched that, only because my dad teaches it as a course at university, from what i can remember and from recent views of the trailer it was very good. i would love to see all the films pictured above especially 'last days', a film about KURT yes please!!!!

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